Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Been out of circulation for a while. The little one was confined at the hospital for 10 days. I know, it was a really long and expensive stay. He was diagnosed to have pneumonia so he had to be given a round of antibiotics that we had to finish. Luckily, we were discharged a day before valentines day. It would have been really depressing if we spent valentine's day in the hospital. So far, the little one has recovered. His appetite slowly going back to normal and hopefully he'll be able to regain the weight the he lost when he got sick.

I haven't been really serious as far as job hunting is concerned. Although I have been eyeinhg this transcription company that accepts part-time employees. As much as I would love to earn loads and loads of money, I think spending time with the kids is more important especially at their age. And I think going part-time is the solution to that.

I am excited for this weekend as we will be spending itatanong the beach! My dad wanted to go to Bohol but I persuaded him that we just spend the weekend in one of the many resort hotels in Mactan instead. He agreed to my suggestion so no more tiring overnight trip for us. Will post pictures of that soon :)