Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too long... I'm Still Here...

It's been too long since I last posted something here.  Been busy with work and bringing the older one to school.  Yes, he's a big boy now.  They really grow up fast.  I'm just taking advantage of the fact that he still lets me bring him to school and give him a kiss before he goes in.  In a few years time, I know that will not be the case anymore so i'm making the most out of it.  Besides, the time I spend waiting for him at the parent's lounge gives me the chance to work on my assignments without the little one interrupting.  I actually get to finish more articles when I'm in school than when I am at home.

Speaking of school, they celebrated their Fruit Festival last Friday.  It was my son's first major school activity.  They prepared a dance number for the parents.  He danced for a while but decided not to join in after.  It was fun and tiring.  I was kinda hoping that the activity would encourage him to finally eat fruits but sad to say it did not. He still does not want to eat the stuff.

The kids celebrated their birthdays last weekend.  Unlike the previous years, we did not have any parties this time.  I even decided not to bring snacks to school.  Better not let them get used to it.  We just went out of town to go swimming.  We also had dinner at TGIF with the BIL. As expected my parents were here to celebrate with us.

It's St. Ignatius' feast day today.  I do hope the Blue Eagles win their game today.

August is just around the corner and next thing you know it's already Christmas season!  Time flies so fast now. Hopefully I can do something for myself before the year ends.