Monday, March 22, 2010

on gadgets and gizmos

My Iphone's speakers does not function anymore. I guess it gave up after being hurled a couple of times by the little kiddo who gets frustrated when he gets stuck on a page or in an app. Sigh. I have yet to bring it to the service center. It should be under warranty because it is only a few months old.

A month ago, our old and trusty digicam broke because of the little kiddo. Good thing my dad has an extra camera so that goes to me now. My dad said don't have anyone else to blame for I was the one who let the little kiddo get hold of the camera. Sigh again...

My laptop's keyboard also became a victim of this little one. Triple sigh. So now, I don't let the kiddo hold any of the gadgets that we have except for the old nokia that we have. I just hope he does not break that one...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Musings and such..

Well, its been a while since I updated this blog. I've been spending my time lately writing. Yes, I do write now for a living. It was a good opportunity that was presented to me by my friend who does it to. It's a work from home job which is another advantage since I can be with the kids the whole day. The only downside of working from home is I am having a hard time writing for the kids are also demanding my time so is the chores that has to be done so I am always rushing to beat the deadlines and for 3 days straight I have not met it. But I guess I would just have to be more focused on doing this writing gig and practice effective time management so that I can achieve that so-called "work-life balance".

A few days ago, I have been stressing over the fact that my yaya will be leaving us soon and I have yet to find a replacement for her. We almost had one. She stayed with us for 1 night then decided that she could not do the job and left which is good too because I personally thought that she really could not. But I'm over it now because we already have one. Well, actually, she isn't here yet because she is currently my mom's helper and they'll be coming over 2 weeks from now. I've known her already because she was already helping out in our house in Davao when we were still there. So there, one less concern to worry about.

I've been doing some cooking lately. Last night, I did MarketManila's Salt and Pepper Squid. It's really easy to make for it requires just a few ingredients and great tasting too. For lunch today, I made beer battered fish fillet with fries. I got the recipe from this site and I think its a keeper for my husband loved it. I had some substantial batter left after doing the fish but unfortunately, I ran out of white onions to do some onion rings. Well, maybe next time.