Monday, March 22, 2010

on gadgets and gizmos

My Iphone's speakers does not function anymore. I guess it gave up after being hurled a couple of times by the little kiddo who gets frustrated when he gets stuck on a page or in an app. Sigh. I have yet to bring it to the service center. It should be under warranty because it is only a few months old.

A month ago, our old and trusty digicam broke because of the little kiddo. Good thing my dad has an extra camera so that goes to me now. My dad said don't have anyone else to blame for I was the one who let the little kiddo get hold of the camera. Sigh again...

My laptop's keyboard also became a victim of this little one. Triple sigh. So now, I don't let the kiddo hold any of the gadgets that we have except for the old nokia that we have. I just hope he does not break that one...

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