Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy sundays

I can' beleive that the weekend is almost over the same with the month. January is almost coming to a close hat means 1 monh down and 11 more months to go till the new year. Time flies really fast dont you think?

Sundays are usually spent with the family. Since relocating to Cebu, we had a hard time keeping with the schedule of going to mass every Sunday. I even researched for he mass schedule of he different parishes here. We prefer to attend the English masses due to the fact that we have a hard time understanding the Visayan language. We do understand some words and phrases but he words that are being used during the mass are way out of our vocabulary league. :)
I just finished placing the chicken in the oven. Its my first time to do an oven-fried chicken. I hope it turns out ok:) I'll share the recipe when it passes the taste test of my kiddos:)

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