Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was browsing my twitter account when I saw the link to the blog giveaway of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom.  I knew that this would be good, so I immediately clicked on the link and was happy to find that the giveaway was food related.  Not only that, the goodies that she was giving away was something that I would be needing in 2 months!  I know its quite early for me to be hoarding this kind of stuff but hey, it pays to be prepared. I can keep them in the freezer for the meantime while waiting for the right time to eat it.  That is if I can stop myself. Hahahaha...

The malunggay cookies look really interesting and good to eat!  I was able to taste some malunggay cookies given by my relatives from Zamboanga but the taste did not appeal to me.  Weird is the only description I have of the its taste plus the fact that it did not look appealing at all! Compared to these cookies, I know that this will be something that I would really appreciate.

Mango-Malunggay Cookies
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So, what are you waiting for, go to this link to find out more how you can get these goodies for free! =)

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