Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Coffee Shop

It's not actually new new for they started doing business for several months now.  It's just recently that I was able to check out their shop at IT Park.  Just like the CoffeeCat shop in Davao, it also has the yogurt shop.  Ambiance is ok but quite dark for me.  It must have been that they were saving on electricity bills bit they only turned on the lights inside the shop when it was starting to get dark outside. I was only able to try out a slice of their chocolate Kahlua walnut cake.  It's downright chocolatey and surely hits the spot for me.  I would go back just for another piece of this cake.

Chocolate Kahlua Walnut Cake
The shop has free wifi access. Just ask for the password from the barista at the counter.  They do allow plugging in of laptops for charging however I only saw 1 outlet.  They do have other pastries, sandwiches and pasta dishes available.  I will have to go back to try it out.

Coffee Cat
G/F JP Morgan & Chase Center
Asiatown IT Park

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