Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something New to Try...

Keeping up with the new restaurants in Davao is a pastime that I love to do.  To do this, I read food blogs that specialize in introducing and doing reviews of Davao-based restaurants as well as blogs of foodies based here in the city.  This way, I get to know what's new with the city's booming restaurant scene and vibrant
foodie community.

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While doing my rounds of the food blogs that I read, I stumbled upon the entry of Davao Foodie on Sushi Dito.  I always see this small restaurant along J.P. Laurel Avenue whenever we pass by the area.  However, I noticed that it is always closed so I have always wondered if it was new or has long been closed due to low turnout of customers.  However, upon reading the blog post of Davao Foodie about it, I got to know that they do have a limited business hour and they do close shop after lunch and open early in the afternoon until around 10:30 in the evening.  This is probably because to be able to save on resources since it is a fairly small restaurant. But I digress, the entry made me want to try the restaurant out.  

California Maki
The website of Sushi Dito lists their whole range of menu from Makis to Dragon Rolls to Rice Bowls, Ramen and other Japanese Specialties.  From what I have seen from the place, parking is limited as the restaurant is situated along one of the main and busy thoroughfares of the city.  However, the good news is that they do offer a free delivery service but I have yet to get the information if this delivery covers the whole area of Davao City or within a limited area only. Another great thing about them is that you can also order online.  The delivery and online ordering system are two things that have been implemented by a few restaurants in the city and kudos to them for doing it. 

Browsing their menu online, I found some things that I already want to try once I get the opportunity to visit their restaurant.  Since I am on the family way, I am not allowed to eat anything with raw stuff so I have to stay away from their Sashimi and some Sushi items. But there are a lot of other things that you can try like Tempura Maki, California Maki, Tempura Udon, Green Dragon, Tempura Don and Katsu Don, among others.
Tempura Maki
Green Dragon


Tempura Udon
The pictures of their food offerings are really stunning.  I cannot wait to try this restaurant out. 

Sushi Dito
Store Hours: Monday to Saturday
                    10:30am  to 2:30pm
                     4:30pm to 10:30pm
Tel. Nos.:  (082)295 3333
                 (0932) 855 2555
Click here for their location
***Free Delivery ***

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