Monday, December 19, 2011

Unexpected Aftermath

Typhoon Sendong passed through the southern part of the Philippines over the weekend.  Weather alerts were issued as soon as the storm entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility or PAR. However, we never really learned any lessons after Ondoy and the recent Pepeng which destroyed a lot of properties and claimed a lot of lives. The latest count puts the dead at 662 and hundreds more missing.  The local government officials of the affected areas particularly Cagayan de Oro, and Iligan did not even make the necessary precautions that should have been automatic once your area is placed under a storm signal.  There were no flood warnings issued and the floods came in the dead of the night.

Nevertheless, we cannot bring back time and destruction is already upon us. I just pray for strength, especially for the people who were badly affected by this calamity.  May they remain strong and faithful to be able to weather this storm that has literally and figuratively destroyed their lives.

There are a lot of pictures of the devastation that TS Sendong did and I do not need to post it here.  What we need now is to help our fellow countrymen to be able to pick up the pieces and continue on with their lives.

Courtesy of Philippine National Red Cross

You can go to the webpage of Philippine Red Cross for information on how to donate.  I believe television networks are also accepting donations in cash or in kind for the 88,000 or so evacuees.  There are also a lot of other NGOs and private organizations mobilizing to help out these people in need.  Water, food and clothing and blankets are what they need the most now.    I hope we can share even if a little bit of our blessings to these people who have lost everything.

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