Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Roadtrip

It was an impromptu one. We just grabbed a Tupperware-full of oatmeal cookies, an adequate supply of milk and water for the kiddos, extra diapers and shirts, a few toys and we were off.  We really did not have anything in mind as to where we were supposed to go. It was a toss-up between San Remegio, which is north of the city and Moalboal, which is in the southern part.  In the end, it was the trip down south that won. We took the Carcar-Barili-Moalboal route which was a blessing in disguise because we passed by this small roadside stand that I have been reading about in many blogs.

Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to eat lunch there as well.  Their food offering was limited as they only had, longaniza, ngohiong, chicken adobo, and puso.  They had however a lechon stall where you can buy by the kilo.

The place had several wooden tables and chairs where you can sit down, eat and watch the cars and buses go by.  We were lucky because the weather was cool so it was a nice experience eating outside.  The kiddos were distracted by the metal slide that was near our table so the husband and I had to take turns eating so that someone will be watching over the kids as they play.

We reserved the dessert for later. I believe this roadside stall is well known for their fresh milk, fresh milk ice cream and frozen yogurt.  We had mango and chocolate ice cream and a cup of frozen yogurt. Their goodies are already packed in small plastic cups including the frozen yogurt. The flavors available for their ice cream that day was chocolate, mango, buko pandan, and vanilla.

Frozen Yogurt


The chocolate lacked the full chocolate flavor and the mango had that fake mango taste.  But both were creamy and milky.  The winner of the bunch was the frozen yogurt.  It was creamy, tangy and had the perfect sweet and tangy balance. I would come back to this place just for it. We were not able to taste their fresh milk so we really have a reason to go back. 

Molave Milk Station
Carcar-Barili Highway

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