Friday, October 15, 2010

Trip down south

Some pictures of our road trip to see the southern part of Cebu.  Pictures were only taken by a phone camera hence the low quality.  Good thing I found out that my point and shoot camera is still in good condition despite the broken LCD display.  I will have better pictures on our next road trip.  The highway hugs the coastline of the province which provides for picturesque views and amazing scenery.  We were blessed that day as the weather was really nice so we were able to see clearly the shoreline and mountains of the neighboring province of Negros Oriental.

Going up the mountains via Carcar-Barili Highway

Old church

nice cloud formations 

Sumilond Island at the back

Viewpoint in Santander with Sumilon Island in the background

Sumilon Island

Next up, northern exposure....

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  1. What breath taking views! Thank you for your visit to my blog. It is the noblest aspiration to be with a SAHM! Your children will be blessed.:)