Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Fitness Program Sales Person:  Good Afternoon Ma'am, We are from (Bleep Bleep) in Ayala Center.  We are the leading Fitness Center here.  Are you into exercise or go to the gym?

Chubby Teacher:  (Sarcastic Voice) Obvious ba?!

FPSP: Oh, you might be interested to enroll in one of our programs.

CT:  No, thank you. 

FPSP:  Thank you very much for your time Ma'am.  (Exit)

Hehehe... I wonder what was going on in the sales person's mind.... I find it weird that this fitness center has people going around the city offering their facilities.  Not enough business to sustain their expenses I guess.  They have an unusual location anyway.  It's right inside the mall!  They should put up where the people who could afford to pay the monthly payments are.  Also, the area should be more accessible especially to those who go to they gym at a later hour.  Just my two cents here.

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