Monday, August 2, 2010

The Perfect Drink for a Rainy Day

A cup of hot chocolate.

It was actually my first time to do this from scratch.  It was raining hard that night.  I had milk and a bag of dark chocolate chips in the fridge.  Milky, chocolatey, rich cup of hot chocolate.  Got two thumbs up from the husband.  Been making this ever since that night whenever the weather permits.

Hot Chocolate

Milk (Full Cream is best)
Chocolate Chips (Whatever kind you prefer - Milk or Dark) (I used Beryl's Dark 68% Chocolate Chips)

Heat milk in a pan over low heat.  Be careful not to let it boil.
When bubbles appear at the edge of the saucepan, add in chocolate chips
Let the chocolate chips melt by whisking the mixture till it becomes homogeneous.
Whisk some more until you see froth forming on top.  Be careful with the milk splashes.  It can be really hot.
Put in cups and serve immediately.
Garnish with mini-marshmallows if you have some. (Optional)

The amount of chocolate will determine the thickness of the chocolate.  If you want it thick, make it a 1:2 ratio between the milk and the chocolate chips.  You can add more if you really want it thick.

The monsoon season has come so I will be making more drinks like these.  I just need to buy another bag of chocolate chips though..

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