Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh la la...

It was my first time to experiment spinach.  I only used to read about it on food blogs.  Spinach is something that is not local to my country.  Although I know that it is already grown in the Bukidnon area making it available locally.  I had a bunch of fresh spinach which I knew I had to use up right away.  I made spinach fritata for breakfast and was greeted with good results.  Even the little one loved it.  So I am definitely making it again once I have access to fresh spinach again.  I cooked it in a muffin tin for individual servings. I also used the oven toaster to cook in instead of in the oven.

Spinach Fritata

I still had a huge bunch left so I searched the Internet for inspiration on what to do with it.  I usually go to Foodgawker and Tastespotting or ideas on what to cook.  It was the spinach lasagna that caught my eye.  However what I had on hand was not enough so I made my own version.  I call it Chicken Spinach Lasagna.

Chicken Spinach Lasagna
Chicken Spinach Lasagna

My first try was a success.  I had several shortcuts here like using a bottled Alfredo Sauce for the filling and the topping.  I was pressed for time and I wanted to use the sauce because if I did not, I might forget about its existence in my pantry.  I also used a bottled cheese sauce for the topping.  Recipe coming up.  I still have to write it down and remember how much I put in as I play by ear when experimenting in the kitchen.  I still have to learn how to write notes while experimenting so I can easily share the recipe.  For the meantime enjoy the pictures.

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