Friday, August 6, 2010

Love the Cake

One of our favorite things to do is eat.  The husband is already complaining that he is getting fat because of this.  We love trying out new restaurants and cafes especially if there are good reviews written about it.  It is not the first time that the husband ate in this place but it was for me.  Its proximity to his office plus the cheap prices make it one of his preferred places to go to for lunch.  He has always raved about how good their chocolate cake was.

Even if today was a holiday here meaning no work and no classes for the kiddo, he still went to work because he had a few loose ends to attend to.  I went with him because I needed some peace and quiet time away from the kiddos to be able to finish all my assignments for the day.  I was given the opportunity to eat lunch at Chowabungga to see and taste for myself if the cake was indeed as good as the husband raved it to be.

Of course, before the dessert, we had to eat lunch first. Since this is a self service restaurant, we had to order at the counter first.  Good thing there was no one in the restaurant yet so I was able to take the time to read out and ask questions about their offerings.  They had the usual Pinoy fare of Silogs or Silletes as they call it.  The menu also included some Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Indian and Japanese dishes.  I settled for a beef Burrito and the husband had a Chowabongga Beef Bowl, which is what he usually orders when he is here.

Chowabungga Beef Bowl
The beef bowl's serving was quite small if you have a big appetite but with the cake, I think it will be a filling meal.  The taste was great.  I think it is even better than the beef bowl of Yoshinoya.  Lots of beef in it with a sauce that is quite sweet.  It would have been better if they had a togorashi on hand to give it some kick. I wish they added more rice to the serving.  But for the PhP 65.00 price, it is well worth it. 

Beef Burrito

The beef burrito was good too.   They used ground beef instead of strips. It was quite small if you are used to the size they have at Mexicali.  Flavor was OK but I prefer that they added more tomatoes and cilantro to it. Not at all bad for the PhP 65.00 price tag.  

The star of the show
The Chocolate Cake

The chocolate cake was indeed a discovery.  It was not cloyingly sweet with the right amount of chocolatey taste.  It had a possessed a good crumb- not to spongey nor too dense- just perfect. The frosting was something.  I could not well place it but it paired perfectly with the cake.  I think the chocolate buttercream frosting had cocoa powder in it because it had bitter tones to it.  It scored a home run for me especially that it only costs PhP30.00 per slice.  I consider it to be in my favorite chocolate cakes list.  

I think I will be back here more often. Makes me want to look for a job in any of the companies whose offices are in the area just so it will be accessible whenever I have the cravings.  If not, I'll ask the husband to buy me a slice or two of the cake every now and then. 
Chowabungga Fast Food
Asiatown IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City

PS.  All photographs courtesy of my lowly camera phone so pardon the quality. 

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