Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Tired.....

The whole family plus the BIL went on a road trip south of the city.  We really did not have any particular destination to visit.  Basically the initial plan was to visit a particular city to see the old houses and possibly buy some Chicharon or pork cracklings.  But the husband decided to drive down further.  We saw a sign pointing to a Marian pilgrimage site so we decided to do a detour.

The place was about 5 kilometers from the highway.  Good thing the road going there was paved all the way except for a few spots where the asphalt has melted away and created huge potholes. But it was nothing that the car could not get through.  The BIL did not know anything about the place too despite living here longer than us. From the looks of it, it was a popular site because of the many people and cars going in and coming out of the compound.  We were only able to take pictures from the view deck in the parking area as I was not allowed to go in because the guard at the entrance thought that my skirt was too short!  GRRR!!!!  I did not want to create a scene by questioning the guard so I just turned my back and went back to the car.  Their "rules" are so pre-Vatican 2.  Is the length of my skirt co-related to my faith??? So for them, the shorter the skirt, the more immoral you are or less faith that you have?  There, I just had to release that.  The place looks nice and impressive from the outside.  Although it is still not yet done for you can still see the construction work going on.

I really was not able to get any pictures aside from the pilgrimage site.  I am only using a phone camera so pardon the quality of the pictures.

I love going on road trips.  However with 2 toddlers with you, it can sometimes get to be tiring.  However, the fun and new things that the kids see and learn about makes the whole effort worthwhile.  I am looking forward to the next road trip that we will be taking.

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